B-650 Bomber

I had this “Harley Benton B-650 Black Progressive Series” hanging on my wall and as with everything else I own I could not let it stay original. I gave it a custom camo paintjob, custom black inlays in the neck and reshaped the headstock among other things. More info at Fredanoguitars.com

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  1. JAC :

    I came across this project doing some research on the B-650.

    Congratulations on the great work!

    Did you make the inlays out of wood and replace the originals?

    • Fredrik :

      Thank you so much! No the inlays are made out of black pickguard plastic, and the are rectangle shaped. The original inlays had some kind of a crazy yin yang theme going, and they didnt fit the theme, so I made new rectangle cavities in the fretboard.

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